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How Shakira saved thousands of babies' lives... and she's at it again

Shakira and her family
/ Shakira/Facebook

Shakira... secret superhero?

The world fell in love with Shakira when she told us our “hips don’t lie.”

Now, the UNICEF goodwill ambassador, who is expecting her second baby with soccer star beau Gerard Piqué, has given us another reason for adoration: In honor of the baby, the couple has arranged a “World Baby Shower” through UNICEF. The idea is that instead of getting gifts, the singer is asking her fans to buy "gifts" like measles vaccines and fresh water kits for vulnerable families across the globe.

It's quite a twist on the usual high-priced celebrity baby registry. 

And it works. The singer's UNICEF shower in honor of the 2013 birth of her first son, Milan, raised enough money to provide polio vaccines to 80,000 children, four tons of food for malnourished children, and about 1,000 anti-malaria bed nets.

Shakira is also encouraging other moms-to-be to join the effort: Any expecting parent willing to lend a hand can set up a similar shower through UNICEF. If the idea spreads, the trend could save literally hundreds of thousands of lives.

“With the explosion of social media, celebrities aren't the only ones who have platforms that can reach mass audiences, and we want this movement to keep going long after our baby shower has ended, so we want to invite them to host their own baby showers with UNICEF as well,” the Colombian-born singer said.

Through the campaign, fans and well-wishers can visit a special website to buy a gift for real moms and children in need around the globe: for instance a $12 measles vaccine, a bundle of three fleece blankets for $20.67, a family water kit for $181.30 — or a number of other essentials in a range of prices.

The star shared the news of her shower on social media, along with a stunning new set of photos showing off her bump and gorgeous family. With close to 107 million followers on Shakira’s Facebook page alone, it’s awe-inspiring to consider the widespread impact that one creative, generous person can make in honor of her own family’s precious baby-to-be.

Alesandra Dubin is a Los Angeles-based writer and the founder of home and travel blog Homebody in Motion. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter.