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Shakira shares rare photo of her sons... and they're getting so big!

Milan, 8, and Sasha, 6, are currently learning how to surf.

Shakira shared rare new photos of her sons Saturday as they vacationed at surf resort.

Shakira and her partner, soccer star Gerard Pique, rarely post pictures of their kids, Milan, 8, and Sasha, 6. Lately when Shakira has posted photos, they’ve been surfing, as it’s a big part of the singer’s life.

Shakira regularly goes surfing and talks about how to protect oceans and other environment and climate change issues. She reposted a PSA June 8 from Spanish surf champions and brothers Kai and Hans Odriozola to raise awareness.

The Ordiozola brothers gave Sasha his first surf lesson that day, Shakira wrote in a separate post.

The boys are learning to love surfing, as Shakira wrote in Saturday’s post, “Milan is really starting to enjoy this.”

In an interview with the magazine Parents Latina after the birth of her second son, Shakira said she and her husband are raising their boys to be "modern men."

“Growing up with a working mom is a start," she said. "I also think their dad is a good example of a modern man to emulate. Gerard and I pretty much share all parenting responsibilities, although I'm definitely the disciplinarian."