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Serena Williams' #ThisMama challenge inspires hilarious, gross parenting tweets

Parenthood is so glamorous, as Jenna Bush Hager can attest.
/ Source: TODAY

Parenthood is the great equalizer, according to Serena Williams.

"Kids humble us," the tennis icon and mom to 11-month-old Olympia admitted on Twitter Sunday afternoon. Williams shared a story with her followers about her daughter running up and down the aisle on an airplane recently. When Williams was finally able to get the toddler to settle down in her lap, Olympia threw up all over Williams.

Williams then challenged other moms (and dads, she later clarified) to add their own stories of parenthood glory on Twitter using the hashtag #ThisMama. The results were hilarious — and often gross.

Twitter user Kaz Weida shared a photo of her toddler daughter covered in red food coloring, explaining that the three minutes it took her to realize it was food coloring and not blood were the longest of her life.

A mom named Donia told the story of attempting to potty train her son in one day by using drinks and fruit snacks to encourage him to pee in the potty. "He ended up peeing and vomiting everywhere," she said. "I decided I could live with two kids in diapers a little longer."

Jeanette Becker posted a photo of herself wearing a look of resignation many moms might find familiar. "Three years ago, I was reading ‘The Little Engine That Could’ book to my 4-year-old, and he decided my head made the perfect mountain to put his motorized train on," she wrote. "It literally took 0.003 seconds to get jammed in my hair. On the plus side, it helped remove some gray hair."

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When her daughter "successfully hid a turd in her hamper," Twitter user Mar said it resulted in a disastrous laundry day. "The inside of my dryer looked like a Jackson Pollack painting," she wrote.

But it was JC Little who dropped the mic. "Humbled in one word: pinworms," she said. (If you are lucky enough to have escaped this parenting experience so far, look it up. You will understand why it is so humbling — and horrifying.)

Sheinelle Jones and Jenna Bush Hager shared their own stories inspired by Williams' challenge on the show. Jenna, who said she grew up peeing in her own backyard in Texas and has taught her daughters how to "pop a squat" when necessary ("Don't judge me here, y'all!" she pleaded), told a story about how Mila once used that skill at an inopportune moment.

Jenna and her husband Henry were relaxing in a New York City park when it happened. "All of a sudden, too far away to get there, Mila pulls down her pants and starts to pee in a public park," she said. Sheinelle had been there and done that when son Kayin did the same thing on his first day of preschool on a rooftop deck.

One thing is for certain: These stories prove that when it comes to parenthood, the stars really are just like us.