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Serena Williams reveals what kind of auntie Venus is to daughter Olympia

The sister tennis stars open up about their relationship since Olympia was born.
/ Source: Today

Serena and Venus Williams made names for themselves as powerhouses on the court. But they've put just as much time and dedication to their off-court passions; Serena started a clothing line while Venus tackled athletic wear and interior design. And there might have been no bigger change personally for Serena than becoming a mom to daughter Olympia almost two years ago.

The 37-year-old has been candid about her motherhood journey, discussing topics such as her difficult delivery to mom guilt. Throughout, sister Venus has been by her side.

What's Venus like as an auntie? "She's great," Serena told TODAY Parents at the 2019 Palace Invitational at Lotte New York Palace. "None of us grew up! We're all just a bunch of kids having fun."

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Serena said she's surprised how much her relationship with Venus has stayed the same since having a baby. "I feel like things should have changed more," said Serena. Adds Venus: "Our relationship was already spectacular, so nothing had to change."

And though Serena has said becoming a mom was a major shift in her life, Venus thinks the key to their strong post-baby bond is that the mom-of-one is the same person. "She didn't just become someone different when she became a mom," said Venus, 39.

For Serena, she's just now starting to feel like her old self again. "I feel like the older (Olympia) gets, the more I go back to being how I was," said the former world No. 1 player. "I don't know if that's normal, but that (pre-baby life) started coming back for me."

Of course, that doesn't mean being a parent to a toddler is easy. "Some days are harder than others," Serena said as Olympia wiggled on her lap during the interview. But she credits her career for preparing her.

"My work is so intense," said Serena. "And as a mom, I'm protective, and I want the best for her. So, I kind of get into the same space. They're both intense."

Ultimately, the sisters are enjoying their new roles as mom and aunt. "It's just really a delight to just be able to have something you love most and be with it," said Serena.

And Venus has a pretty simple reason for loving her aunt status. "(Olympia is) cute," she said. "So, I have great bragging rights."