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See why this girl's epic before-and-after school photos are going viral

"I think she was just excited to see her friends after the summer break."
/ Source: TODAY

Jillian Falconer is a nurse and mother who lives outside of Glasgow, Scotland, with her partner and four children.

When her youngest, Lucie, went to school for the first day, she posed for an adorable pic in her school uniform. Little did Jillian know that would all change by school day's end.

"Her dad asked how she got on during the day so I sent him the picture of Lucie just to show obviously she had an eventful day," Jillian told TODAY.

Lucie before and after her first day of school.
Lucie before and after her first day of school.Jillian Falconer

On what caused the 5-year-old's disheveled look, Jillian said: "I think she was just excited to see her friends after the summer break. Nothing specific happened."

Soon after, Jillian and her family posted the photos on their personal social media pages. The local paper caught wind, and asked to share as well. From there, their post went viral.

"It just went crazy," she explained.

"I presume because it's relatable," she added. "Anyone can relate to it, either going to school or after a night out. It's a before-or-after I think adults can relate to because of that, and parents can relate to it because their kids may come home in the same state."

On the Barrhead News post, which has been liked 15,000 times and shared more than 8,000, many commenters shared their own hilarious before-and-after school pics. One parent shared pics of her daughter in a similar situation, who came home with shoes on the wrong feet!

Jillian says Lucie is actually "very, very, very shy," but that she can be a diva from time to time.

Jillian and Lucie.
Jillian and Lucie.Jillian Falconer

How is that going after the post went viral?

"She went to sit in the front seat with her car seat," Jillian explained. "When her older sister said she sits in the front because she is the oldest, Lucie responded, 'No, I'm a celebrity now.'"