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Watch this sweet sibling moment take a dramatic turn

... and other happy, heartwarming and funny stories and videos to end the week!
/ Source: TODAY

Unfortunately, there was a lot of bad news this week, so we understand if you are in need of a few reasons to smile. Luckily, we have plenty to share.

TODAY's own Dylan Dreyer is expecting baby boy #3!

We do love babies here at TODAY Parents, so Dylan's surprise announcement earlier this week that she and husband Brian Fichera are expecting their third baby boy was great news.

I shared my own hard-won, if unsolicited, wisdom from years of being a mom of three boys with Dylan. We do need to stick together, after all.

... and our resident granddude is adding to his duties!

This week, Lester Holt announced his son, Stefan, is also expecting a third baby boy of his own with wife Morgan. Big brothers Henry and Sam have already picked out the name "Popcorn" for the new addition.

Congratulations to everyone! You got this, "Granddude!"

They have sweet moments like this to look forward to ...

Ermagerd, the GIGGLES and the footed jammies and the brothers ...

... and other moments that might at least start out sweet

Awww ...

Oh. Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no.

We feel your pain, big sister.

We loved this inter-species mom bonding

In a video that went viral, Kiki the gorilla from Boston's Franklin Park Zoo and Emmelina Austin showed just how universal the motherhood experience is.

... and did you know golden retriever therapy exists?

Now this is some news you can use.

After a lonely year, kids are finally seeing each other in person

We felt the relief of two first-grade friends who finally met in person after meeting and getting to know each other through online schooling.

... and the joy of two tiny besties who haven't been able to hug in far too long.


Sarang FINALLY got to hang out with her BFF after being apart for over a year. She was SO happy 🥰. ##toddlerlife ##toddlertok ##cutekid ##sarang

♬ original sound - Hungry FAM

Also, in case you're wondering, we never get tired of watching post-pandemic surprise reunions, especially when they involve hugging moms!


Haven’t hugged my mom since february 2020 ♥️ thank you, science! 🧬💉

♬ original sound - Natalie

Pink has a new song, and parents, you'll relate

If you haven't listened to Pink's newest release, "All I Know So Far," you should. The video has fun cameos and storylines, but it's the lyrics parents will relate to the most.

"I wish someone would have told me that this life is ours to choose / No one's sending you the keys or a book with all the rules / The little that I know I'll tell to you," she sings to daughter Willow, 9.

... and Broadway is going back to work!

This whole scene just made us want to stand up and cheer. We love Broadway, and we love New Yorkers.


the cast of ##comefromaway walking into work today for the first time in over a year 😭

♬ original sound - teale dvornik

When all else fails, dance

It's just facts: Whether you are big, like Dan Reynolds of the band Imagine Dragons, who is getting an early start on mortifying his toddler son, Valentine ...

... or little, like little Ayden here, who is keeping "Ice Ice Baby" cool ...

We hope you can find a way to cut loose this weekend!