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See what happens when Chris Pratt's 3-year-old drops his phone into the pool

/ Source: TODAY

If you're going to hand a 3-year-old an expensive piece of electronic equipment, be prepared not to get that piece of electronic equipment back in working order.

Exhibit A: Chris Pratt, who gave his son Jack his smartphone so he could take a picture of daddy in the swimming pool. As a video reveals, Jack says "say cheese," dad ducks under the water — and the phone follows shortly thereafter.

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Water and phones don't mix (though there are ways to rescue your phone if it's taken a dunking) generally speaking, but it looks as if Pratt was able to save the video of the incident and post it to Instagram (noting his son is a "budding photographer") — so we have our hopes up that everything came out in the wash.

But really, could you get mad at this little face?

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We thought not!

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