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See if your state has a tax holiday for back-to-school shopping

Looking to save money on back-to-school items? Find out if your state will offer a tax-free weekend or other tax-free shopping days.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

From checking off school supply lists to shopping for back-to-school wardrobes, preparing for your child’s return to the classroom can quickly become expensive.

Seventeen states set aside tax-free shopping “holidays” in preparation for back-to-school: a week or a weekend when school supplies, clothing, shoes and other necessities are tax exempt.

Check’s list of tax-free shopping dates to see if and when there are deals to be had in your area (below the video). Don't have a tax holiday near you? Check out the TODAY Parenting Team's tips for saving on back-to-school.

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Certain school supplies, computers and clothing may be purchased tax free between August 5, 2016 and August 7, 2016. For more information, visit the Alabama Department of Revenue website.


State and local sales tax will not be charged on certain school supplies, school art supplies, school instructional materials and clothing from August 6, 2016 through August 7, 2016. Visit the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration website for details.


Clothing and footwear costing less than $100 are exempt from taxes for one week, from August 21, 2016 through August 27, 2016. For a complete listing of eligible items, visit the Colorado Department of Revenue Services website.

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From August 5, 2016 through August 7, 2016, clothing, footwear and certain accessories selling for less than $60 will be free of sales tax. Specific school supplies costing less than $15 are also tax-free during this period. Details are available on the Florida Department of Revenue website.


Certain clothing, school supplies and computers will not be taxed on July 30, 2016 and July 31, 2016. For a detailed listing of eligible items, visit the Georgia Department of Revenue website.


Select clothing and footwear are tax-free on August 5, 2016 and August 6, 2016. For complete information, visit the Iowa Department of Revenue website.


From August 5, 2016 through August 6, 2016, Louisiana offers an exemption from state sales tax for personal property items costing less than $2,500. Visit the Louisiana Department of Revenue website for full information.


During the week of August 14, 2016 through August 20, 2016, qualifying clothing and footwear items costing $100 or less are tax-free. For additional information, visit the Comptroller of Maryland website.

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Clothing, footwear and accessories priced at $100 or less are tax exempt from July 29, 2016 through July 30, 2016. A listing of all eligible and non-eligible items can be found on the Mississippi Department of Revenue website.


From August 5, 2016 through August 7, 2016, certain back-to-school purchases, such as clothing, school supplies and computers, are tax-exempt. For detailed information, visit the Missouri Department of Revenue website.

New Mexico:

Clothing, computers, school supplies, and other back-to-school items are tax-free from August 5, 2016 through August 7, 2016. Complete details are available on the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department website.


From August 5, 2016 through August 7, 2016, clothing priced at $75 or less and school supplies and instructional materials priced at $20 or less per item are tax-free. A full listing of excluded items and further information can be found on the Ohio Department of Taxation website.


Clothing and shoes priced at less than $100 are tax-free from August 5, 2016 until August 7, 2016. Visit the Oklahoma Tax Commission website for complete details.

South Carolina:

From August 5, 2016 through August 7, 2016, sales tax will not be imposed upon back-to-school items such as clothing, accessories, school supplies, and computers. For a complete listing of tax-exempt items, visit the South Carolina Department of Revenue website.


Clothing, school supplies and computers are tax-free from July 29, 2016 through July 31, 2016. For an alphabetical listing of eligible and non-eligible items and further information, visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue website.

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Most school supplies, clothing, backpacks and shoes purchased between August 5, 2016 and August 7, 2016 will be tax exempt. For additional details, visit the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website.

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Qualifying purchases, including school supplies, footwear and clothing, made between August 5, 2016 and August 7, 2016 will not be taxed. Retailers are also permitted to make other items “tax free” by paying the taxes themselves. Additional information is available on the Virginia Department of Taxation website.