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Watch how Paul Rudd broke the internet this week without even trying

... and other funny, happy, and heartwarming stories from the week
/ Source: TODAY

In case you missed them, here are a few reasons to smile this week:

A high school football player's kindness won the internet's heart

Charles City, Iowa, high school wide receiver Mario Hoefer was not looking for praise when he stopped to help an opponent lying on the field and grabbing his calf in pain.

Hoefer knew he was probably cramping because he was feeling cramps himself, so instead of celebrating the play with teammates, he went to help the player, New Hampton's Carter Steinlage, stretch his leg instead.

"I saw him go down and I didn't see anyone go over there to help him," Hoefer said, adding that he knew he needed to stay. "I know how this feels, (and wanted) to help him get through this cramp until someone came over."

The fans in the stands cheered for the act of kindness, and one of them caught the moment on camera. The photo has since gone viral.

We don't know who won the game, but we know Hoefer won some hearts that night.

A video montage of Paul Rudd dancing to "September" made September 21 memorable

Since 2020, every September 21, a video montage featuring clips of actor Paul Rudd dancing to Earth, Wind & Fire's "September" — attributed originally to Twitter account @pauldancing — has gone viral on social media.

"This is the best thing ever," one commenter said. "Ever."

"SNL" star Chloe Fineman wowed us (and Julianne Moore) with her hilarious celebrity impressions

What could have been an awkward moment for "Saturday Night Live" actor Chloe Fineman turned out to be a bonding experience when she spontaneously performed her Julianne Moore impression for... Julianne Moore.

Visiting the "Ellen" show, Fineman was taken by surprise when Moore came out on stage to witness her impression of her.

“I’ll do this in front of you after meeting you for the first time,” Fineman said with a smile. “I do a thing. Is this Julianne Moore laughing or crying?”

Luckily, Moore was as amused as the audience was. “I love it!” she said. "That's amazing!" She even joined in and made the same face and laugh to show how dead-on Fineman was in her mimicry.

Fineman also showed off some well-honed impressions of Britney Spears and Reese Witherspoon.

After an accident, a disappointed theater fan received a special video urging her to get better

TikTok user Emily Holler was supposed to attend the re-opening performance of "Hamilton" on Broadway, one of the hottest tickets in town.

Unfortunately, right before the big night, Holler was in what she described as a "severe accident," and she had to sell her tickets because she was in the hospital for 10 days having surgeries on her jaw, hip, and brain.

She was disappointed, but not for long.


##greenscreenvideo hoping this reaches theater kid tiktok bc Lin is just too kind @hamiltonmusical ##hamilton ##linmanuelmiranda ##musicaltheatre

♬ original sound - Emily Holler

None other than "Hamilton" creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda himself sent Holler a video of himself playing a song from the show on a keyboard.

"I'm happy you're alive. I'm happy you're safe," Miranda said, noting Holler has a long road to recovery ahead of her. "The show will keep. 'Hamilton' will be there when you are ready to see it."

Miranda even used a line from the show to sign off. "The fact that you're alive is a miracle," he said. "That's enough."

This marathoner-in-training mom went viral by inspiring others

Erin Azar doesn't look like your usual fitness influencer on social media, and she knows that. The mom of three decided two years ago to try using exercise to get her brain and body back in order after having kids, but she wasn't an expert.

"I was feeling insane in the membrane. Insane in the brain. And I felt like getting out to exercise would help," Azar, 37, explained in one TikTok clip. "I tried running one mile. It was hard, super hard, but afterwards I felt like a little sense of relief. And I kept going and decided to run a marathon because why start small?"

Since starting her fitness journey, Azar has gained almost 640,000 followers on TikTok and over 50,000 on Instagram. She's also accrued millions of video views and likes.

Azar is popular precisely because she is a beginner and not an athlete.

"Before I started all this, on social media, it was perfect-looking runners, perfect paces, and I thought, I'm just going to show thigh-chafing and the ugly side of things. What's the worst that can happen? They don't like me," she said.

But they did like her, and now, she's inspiring others to start running, too.

We're rooting for you, Erin!

And because there's no better combination than dogs and babies...

TikTok user Sarah Biggers Stewart has had her 12-year-old Labrador retriever Bailey since she was 18 years old. Now, she shares Bailey with her 8-month-old baby, William. We're not sure there's a sweeter couple.

Have a great weekend!