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See her emotional reaction! Woman dyes her hair to reveal gender of baby

/ Source: TODAY

In a suspenseful video that's now going viral on Facebook, a woman learned the gender of her baby with the help of her hairdresser.

Amber Sacrison, a stylist at Salon One in Rapid City, South Dakota, revealed the gender of Amanda Parrish's baby by dyeing the woman's hair (blue for boy, pink for girl) without Parrish knowing which color was being applied to her locks. Sacrison slowly unveiled the new color for everyone in the salon to see.

Is she having a girl? Or is she having a boy?AmberSacrison/Facebook

"I'm not closing my eyes again. I'm not doing it," Parrish says in the video as Sacrison prepares to remove the towel from her client's head of hair.

So what was the new color? Royal blue. And in that moment, Parrish discovered that a baby boy would be in her future.

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"I was gonna cry so hard if it was a girl," Parrish joked after springing up out of her seat in excitement.

Sacrison, who just graduated from beauty school in 2013, was thrilled to have taken part in the process.

"It was awesome. I loved being a part of something like that. To see their happiness was just amazing to me," she told TODAY.

This was Sacrison's first gender reveal — she came up with the idea, first suggesting to simply dye a piece of Parrish's hair.

But the couple, who are known for being nontraditional, opted for her entire head instead.

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And for an even happier ending, Parrish gave birth to a healthy son on March 8.