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Cousins swap places to re-create adorable graduation photo 10 years later

Cousins recreate high school graduation photo that was a decade in the making, and the internet can't get enough of how sweet it is.
/ Source: TODAY

Graduation is a time to take a leap into the future, but one pair of cousins celebrated by taking a step into the past.

Reddit user DirtyDrummer celebrated his younger cousin's graduation day by re-creating a photo they took together on his graduation day a decade prior. The twist? They swapped places, making for a hilarious photo.

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The original photo, which was already too adorable for words, was taken in 2006 at the user DirtyDrummer's graduation. Once the duo had re-created the photo, he posted the epic side-by-side shot, which has already reached more than 2.3 million views on Imgur, and a whopping 951 comments on Reddit.

It looks to us like waiting 10 years was well worth it. Now the only questions is, who wore the graduation cap better?