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The 'Charlie Bit My Finger' boys are all grown up... and still adorable!

It's been eight years since "Charlie Bit My Finger" became one of the Internet's biggest viral sensations. So what are those kids like now?
/ Source: TODAY

Eight years ago, an unsuspecting father uploaded a funny video of what happened when his baby boy chomped down on his older son's finger. Over 816 million views later, the "Charlie bit my finger — again!" video has become a classic in the annals of Internet viral video sensations.

But what happened to Harry (the victim!) and Charlie (the biter!)? Well, eight years later they're a little longer in the tooth, but not short of wisdom. CBBC recently visited the pair at home, and asked them if they were embarrassed by the clip.

Answer: Charlie said "no," then admitted he wasn't even entirely sure how many times it had been seen.

"It makes me laugh," said Harry, who has recovered nicely.

The boys from the viral video 'Charlie Bit My Finger' all grown up
Remember the 'Charlie Bit My Finger' video? Well the boys from it are now all grown up! Newsround's Ricky Boleto has gone to visit the boys and finds out how the viral video has changed their lives!CBBC / YouTube

CBBC reported that the clip had only gone up in the first place because the file was too large to email, and their father Howard Davies-Carr wanted the boys' godfather to watch it. Since then, the parents have made more than $500,000 from the video's great success thanks to advertising deals and merchandise sales.

Since the video first aired online, two more brothers have been added to the family ... but the biting does seem to have been curtailed.

Want to see more? Check out the Charlie Bit Me YouTube channel!

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