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See the 31 funniest parents on social media this week

These moms and dads of the internet made us laugh out loud.
/ Source: TODAY

At TODAY Parents, we love seeing moms and dads post hilarious-but-true thoughts about parenthood on social media.

In these last weeks of a crazy year, we love seeing parents crack joke after joke about making it through the holiday season during a pandemic. We're all doing our best, so laugh along with us as we count down this week's funniest parents.

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Sending prayers.


Mark those calendars!

A classic.


This is real.

Is this a good time?

They're both terrifying.

It's so confusing!

Sums it right up.

So much more festive.


And more wine. And more tears.

Ignore the commercials!


Gotta take what you can get.


So true.

Why am I here?

The worst.



Just stop.

Really, really long.

So depressing...

Looks familiar.

The. Only. Way.

If 2020 was a baked good.

Ours, too.


Great question!