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See the 30 funniest parents on social media this week

These moms and dads of the internet made us laugh out loud.
/ Source: TODAY

If your kids eat dirt, but are critical of the dinner you just cooked, you might be a parent.

And finding yourself making rules only to forget what they are? Also a true sign of parenting.

Whether you're hiding in the bathroom for some alone time, saying "no" for the 80th time today or feeling super ready for the weekend...we're right there with you.

Parenting is hard, and sometimes there's not much left to do but laugh. So join us as we count down this week's funniest moms and dads on social media.

This tastes weird.


This is me.

You know who you are.

Still got it.

Family in training!


What's taking so long?

Just like home!

Don't test me!

Are you kidding me?

Big sister vibes.

Everything's fine.

Who's a good boy?

See ya!

What did I say about that?


Yes, let's!

At least.

Classic dad move...

Just another night at home...

It's an even split.

It's wild here.

Fingers crossed!

Couldn't leave 'em.

It's time to rethink that.

So fun.

At best.

It's so stressful.

Just a bit clumsy.