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See the 26 funniest parents on social media this week

These moms and dads of the internet made us laugh out loud.
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At TODAY Parents, we love seeing moms and dads post hilarious-but-true thoughts about parenthood on social media.

The weather is getting cooler and it's time for some of our favorite and most laugh-inducing family pastimes. A visit to the pumpkin patch, anyone?

Before you nearly lose your children (and your sanity) in that corn maze or attempt to carve pumpkins without destroying your kitchen, grab that pumpkin spice latte and laugh along with us as we count down some of the funniest things parents said online this week.

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It'll be fun, they said.

Yes, girl!


Everything's fine!

You saw nothing!

The worst.

You don't know me.

Except for you people!

My pleasure!

We love the honesty.

Just planning ahead!

So true.


It sneaks up on you.

That's actually a good question, though.

We're very busy, OK?

Say no more.

We know a good contractor.

Really. You can't.

Come on, Janet.

Why do they insist on wearing shorts?

Where is he?

It's hard to keep up!

Motherhood is magical.

We're traumatized for you.

Sent to voicemail.

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