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See the 25 funniest parents on social media this week

These moms and dads of the internet made us laugh out loud.
/ Source: TODAY

It's a brand new year, but one thing remains the same: Parenting is hilarious.

We've rounded up posts from moms and dads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram this week, because as 2021 gets off to a somewhat rocky start, we're grateful for parents on the internet who share their funny thoughts and lighten our loads a bit.

So laugh along with us, and happy new year!

The nerve!

Coats are so lame...

Bottoms up!

Will it ever happen?

Netflix get us.


It's on!

Aren't my feet cold?

Thank goodness for husbands...

I'm good, thanks.

This is why we don't work out.

Here, Nipple! Here, boy!

These storage bins, tho...


True love.

Send him away!


You never know...

Parenthood is so rewarding.

Getting older is weird.

I have no idea...

A ringing endorsement!

How dare you?

So true.

Such a riot.