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The secret to being a perfect mom? Funny video shows lies 'super moms' tell

From the most high tech toy, to the healthiest snacks, see the funny lies these moms tell to sound perfect at the playground.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

When it comes to spending time at the playground, a day in the sunshine can quickly lead to feelings of inadequacy after hearing other parents talk about their little one being fluent in Spanish or a prima ballerina. While we all desire to feel like 'super mom,' life gets busy and sometimes it can be a challenge to keep up.

In a hilarious video by the Breakwomb, comedians Molly Erdman, Laurel Coppock and Megan Grano show parents their answer to dealing with bragging parents and the insecurities that can pop up during a day at the park.

After Coppock shares with her friends about her visit to a park filled with "over achieving super moms," Erdman shares her tactic for coping with these types of social interactions — lying about everything.

The trio begins to practice their lying skills, bragging about everything from the toys they brought to the playground to the organic snacks they packed for their kids.

"We brought our own sand," Coppock shares. "It's artisanal sand...We got it on GOOP. That's Gwyneth Paltrow's website."

Not to be outdone, Erdman shares her child's most recent musical endeavor.

"We're also taking an opera appreciation class, because we are composing our own opera that features the glockenspiel," Erdman fibs.

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Coppock, who wrote the skit for the Breakwomb, says that while she doesn't like to criticize other moms, she often feels like she runs into highly competitive parents when at the park.

"Or maybe they're not competitive, maybe they are truly just a far superior mom to me and I'm taking away the wrong conclusion," Coppock told TODAY Parents. "But sometimes moms will tell you everything they are doing with their kid and it can get to be fever-inducing after a while to listen to. Maybe they've got their 2-year old in art classes and the art the child is churning out is getting framed for their walls and now friends want to buy the art. Meanwhile, my 2-year old only draws on my walls."

Coping with the mom insecurity can be tough or it can be amusing. I think if I internalize my feelings of inadequacy after being around a 'super mom' who shares with me that her one-year-old son is reading at a high school level, then I could probably start to go crazy," Coppock continued.

Coppack says the finding humor in the situation allows her to cope with those feelings of inadequacy by addressing the fact that she knows she's a good mom.

"I feel more armed to deal with 'super moms' once I've checked in with my friends and decided that my parenting skills are solid. Thank God I have my mom friends at the BreakWomb to run everything by and have a laugh at what feels ridiculous out there in the wild world of parents at the park."