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Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager share the best advice their dads gave them

Charles Guthrie and former President George W. Bush had some wise words for their daughters about morality and the important things in life.
/ Source: TODAY

Father's Day is not only a great time to celebrate the dads in our lives but also to remember what they have taught us along the way.

Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager reminisced on TODAY Friday about some of the bits of wisdom they've received from their dads as they get set to celebrate Father's Day with family this weekend.

Father's Day was often a bittersweet day for Savannah when she was younger because she lost her dad, Charles Guthrie, to a heart attack when she was just 16 years old.

Now it has become a time to cherish her memories of him and remember the life lessons he gave her that she still puts to use three decades later.

She also will be celebrating her husband, Mike Feldman, who is the father to their two children. Their son, Charley, 2, is named after her father.

"Where I am right now is I love Father's Day because I love to talk about my dad and I love to remember things about him," Savannah said.

Savannah Guthrie's father, Charles, died when she was only 16, but still taught her plenty about life.
Savannah Guthrie's father, Charles, died when she was only 16, but still taught her plenty about life.

"He gave me lots of advice, and sometimes I've thought about it because he did pass away so young. He told me so many wise things that frankly at the time, in the moment, I don't think I understood fully. And it's almost as though he knew. Of course he didn't know that he would die young, but it's almost as though he was seeding me with little bits of knowledge that would come back to me."

Savannah can still remember a lesson from when she was 11 or 12 years old and went to the movie theater with her father. She told him she could try to pass as a 10-year-old to get the kid's discount on a movie ticket but he quickly shut that idea down.

"And my dad said, 'No, I would never do that,''' she said. "He said, 'I would not sell my soul for a dollar.' I didn't really understand that in the moment, and then later when I thought about it, it really stuck with me because it was such a sort of profound thing to say.

"He was so moral, and it really made me think about it later like ... you're gonna cheat just to get a dollar off something? No way," Savannah concluded.

Jenna got her advice from the man the rest of us know as former President George W. Bush, whom she said can always be counted on for a sweet, supportive message when she needs it most.

She remembered a time when she was pregnant with her second daughter and was a ball of stress about work and other matters that didn't have to do with her family.

"(My father) texted me this beautiful text that was like, 'Jen, mom told me you called and you're worried about this — that doesn't matter,''' Jenna said. "I promise you. What matters is what type of mom you are to Mila, and you're a fantastic one, about the baby you're growing in you, how you treat others, the people that love you.

"I've gotten a lot of those texts and they feel good."

Image: Former President George W. Bush on the Today Show. February 27, 2017.
George W. Bush has always been there to make Jenna laugh or give her some comforting words when she's stressed. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Jenna also admittedly struggled with body image as a child, but her father was always there with a reassuring word.

"He always tried to make it clear that beauty was on the inside and that to him, (twin sister) Barbara and I were beautiful,'' she said.

This Father's Day will be an emotional one for George W. Bush because it's the first one since the death of his own father, former President George H.W. Bush, who passed away at 94 in November.

Jenna is planning to take her daughters and surprise her dad at their family's home in Maine this weekend, returning the sweet support that he has given her all these years.

"I know he's probably missing his dad,'' Jenna said.