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Savannah and Hoda reveal the most badass things they've ever done

The TODAY co-anchors also share what they hope to teach their daughters.
/ Source: TODAY

Never has being so bad been so good.

TODAY co-anchors Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are featured in InStyle magazine’s “Badass Women” issue.

“I’ve done two badass things in my life — Haley and Hope,” Hoda said, referring to her two daughters, when asked by the magazine to name the most badass thing she’s ever done. “I’m in my 50s. Becoming a mom was a moment that I thought had passed for me, but I got to reach back in time and grab it.”

Savannah said her most badass accomplishment was a leap of faith she took in her career.

“In my career the most badass thing I’ve done was leave TV to go to law school,” she said. “It was a big deal to detour completely off a path and just hope it works out. And then I quit my job again to go back to TV with no job offers and a ton of student debt. It was, well, crazy. But it worked out, so we can call it badass!”

Hoda has two daughters and Savannah has one, Vale (she’s also mom to son Charley), so they want to make sure their little girls grow up sure of themselves.

“I’m trying to teach Vale to be confident but kind,” Savannah said.

“We want strong kids, but we also want them to have vulnerability,” Hoda said. “I don’t want my daughters to always go busting through doors to get what they want. I see the power in them, though. They’re determined. I mean, get out of their way, man.”

Hoda and Savannah have been co-anchors since 2018 and couldn’t be happier about being paired with one another, becoming the first female co-anchors in TODAY’s illustrious history.

“From the second we were next to each other, I don't think there was a question in anyone's mind that Hoda was the right person to be there,” Savannah said. “The fact that we ended up being the first two women to do the show together was almost secondary to the fact that we were just so happy to work with each other.”

The mutual respect goes beyond the work they do together, too.

“Savannah is smarter than anybody else in the room, but she’s vulnerable too. She feels the same insecurities that everybody feels, and she’s open about it all,” Hoda said. “It shows that you can be a badass and have a soft center. You don’t have to walk around as hard as a rock.”

“I admire Hoda’s generosity. She walks into every single day with her arms wide open, looking for somebody to hug,” Savannah said.