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When Vale plays hairdresser, Savannah Guthrie turns to fellow parents for help

/ Source: TODAY Contributor

We've all been there. Even TODAY anchors have to enroll in crash courses in home remedies when their curious kids decide to get "creative" with their hair.

TODAY's Savannah Guthrie, mom to 2-year-old Vale and 6-month-old Charley, reached out on social media, as moms do, when Vale played home hairdresser.

Parents who've been there were quick to help Guthrie out. Suggestions included baby powder, cornstarch, coconut oil, apple-cider vinegar and even Preparation H hemorrhoidal cream. But Dawn dish soap won the day, being recommended dozens of times.

And it was... a success? Partial success? Better than nothing?

If Guthrie has other childhood dilemmas, an army of TODAY parents are ready and willing to offer up more help.

Take heart, Savannah! At least when kids get messy, we know we're not alone.