The countdown is on! Savannah Guthrie to start maternity leave on Monday

It’s almost baby time.

With her due date around the corner, Savannah Guthrie announced on Friday that Monday, August 11 will be her last day at TODAY before she starts her maternity leave.

"Sign that it's time to go: when none of your shoes fit because your cankles are so large," Savannah joked on Friday, after expressing her hope that she would not, in fact, go into labor on live morning television. The co-anchor is expecting her first child with husband Mike Feldman later this month, and it has been quite a ride since the couple announced their pregnancy during their wedding reception in March. 

Savannah and Mike decided not to find out the baby’s gender, and they’re keeping potential baby names close to the vest as well. But Savannah has shared the highs and lows of pregnancy on her blog, from the joys of letting her baby bump hang out during her honeymoon vacation to the challenges of dressing a growing belly on live national television. She’s written about the lessons she's learned from her mother, her freaky pregnancy dreams and her decision not to worry about the number on the scale as her pregnancy progressed.

"The baby is the first thought when I wake up, and the last thought as I sink into slumber at night. I whisper little encouragements to the baby: 'You’re doing a great job growing up!' or 'I’m so happy you’re here!' I pray for the baby. I sing to him/her. I wonder about the baby constantly: What are you up to? Are you sleeping right now? Are you awake? How do you feel about the Indian food we had for dinner?" she wrote on her blog on back in May. "And the flutter of a kick in my stomach is our silent, sacred communication — it makes my heart soar.“

In June, she took TODAY to her baby shower to celebrate this new and exciting chapter in her life.

“I have never felt in my life so much genuine joy,” she said at the party as other TODAY moms dished out their best mommy advice.

Husband Mike Feldman is getting some advice from the TODAY family, too: Willie Geist put him through his (surely soon-to-be-patented) daddy boot camp. So, they're are prepared as any first-time parents can be: It’s nearly time to bid Savannah good luck and well wishes as the couple gets ready to welcome their little one to the world.

Samantha Okazaki / Today
Savannah Guthrie with husband Mike Feldman at her newspaper-themed baby shower in June.

“We are so thankful,” Savannah said at her baby shower, “and just hope we can rise to the occasion and be good parents.”  

We know you will, Savannah! Keep up to date with any baby news, and share your best new-parent advice with Savannah and Mike on our Facebook page.