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Savannah Guthrie shares highs and lows of self-quarantine with kids

The TODAY co-anchor gives us a glimpse of family time while hunkering down due to coronavirus concerns.
/ Source: TODAY

With more and more people working from home and a growing number of schools closing their doors amid the coronavirus outbreak, family time is now all the time for many households — including Savannah Guthrie’s.

Thursday morning, the TODAY co-anchor shared a look at just what that’s like for her and her brood.

The first photo in the set she posted to Instagram says it all, as her 5-year-old daughter, Vale, flashes a delighted smile, and Savannah flashes the familiar face of parental exhaustion.

“So. Much. Family Time,” she wrote in the caption, adding heart and laughter emoji to capture the complicated feelings that can come with a little too much of a good thing.

Vale and Charley are enjoying their extra family time at home with mom Savannah Guthrie.
Vale and Charley are enjoying their extra family time at home with mom Savannah Guthrie.savannahguthrie/Instagram

Savannah has been broadcasting from her basement this week out of an “abundance of caution” after developing a sore throat and runny nose. And Thursday, she had a chance to commiserate with another self-quarantined parent about the highs and lows of always being at home.

Jimmy Fallon began filming mini-episodes of “The Tonight Show” from home for fans this week after production on his late-night hit took a break, and as those clips reveal, his little ones are taking over.

Social Distancing is one thing, but I think family distancing is about to be the next step,” the father of two joked.

That earned a laugh from Savannah, who knew just what he meant.

“I know, it’s so sweet, (but) it’s a lot of togetherness,” Savannah said sympathetically. “My little daughter has been literally following me from room to room. I literally tripped over five times yesterday because that’s how close we are right now.”

And likely will be for at least a little while longer.