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Why Savannah says traveling with toddlers led to her best birthday ever

The TODAY anchor had a busy birthday, filled with a lot of love.
/ Source: TODAY

A cross-country trip with two toddlers in tow — just two days after Christmas — might not sound like a birthday wish come true, but according to our very own Savannah Guthrie, who turned 47 on Thursday, that experience made for "the best day ever."

Savannah shared her adventure on Instagram, in a post packed with photos from the fun and a message about what really matters.

(Be sure to click or swipe through to see all the pics.)

"THANK YOU for all the bday wishes and cheer," the TODAY anchor wrote alongside the collection of pics. "Here is a short birthday story on Instagram... Spending your 47th (!) bday traveling cross country with two toddlers is not the zen spa day I might have imagined... but the truth is THIS day and every day with these beautiful little souls, a trip across the country to see the best family in the world... well, that is always the best day ever."

The photos capture the range of emotions — and levels of exhaustion — that filled the day for the birthday gal.

In one shot, Savannah appears mid-sigh as her 4-year-old daughter, Vale, entertains herself on a flight. Another shot showed her 2-year-old son, Charley, taking a seat on the floorboard between mom's feet once they were back on the road.

But as the photos progressed, the travel came to an end and the smiles began — for the little ones, as well as for Savannah and husband Mike Feldman.

Savannah Guthrie
Savannah and her beloved daughter Vale are the picture of happiness!savannahguthrie/Instagram

In fact, group pics of Savannah's whole family, including her mother, Nancy, revealed how much bigger those smiles grew throughout the day.

"That is why when I close my eyes and blow out the candles tonight I will have no wish," she wrote, adding, "because the only wish that matters came true."