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Savannah Guthrie gushes over baby Vale: She's a 'darling little miracle'

Like any proud mom, the TODAY anchor was all too happy to chat about her daughter, but she wasn't quite as into playing the guitar.
/ Source: TODAY

Given half a chance, most moms would be happy to proudly talk about their adorable offspring. And TODAY's Savannah Guthrie is no different!

"We can do the whole hour on Vale," she chuckled while guest co-hosting TODAY's fourth hour with Hoda Kotb on Tuesday. This after much prompting by Hoda about every single possible update on the 19-month-old, who's already talking!

First we saw a video of the gal, being shown a bottle of something by her dad. "Hot sauce!" chirped Vale.

"She knows her condiments!" Savannah laughed. "It's so cute, her daddy taught her that."

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What her mom's teaching her, though, is nearly as much fun. As Savannah revealed, she plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" on the guitar to her daughter, who sings along. Suddenly, a guitar made an appearance from offstage and before we knew it, she was showing us her musical talents!

"There's no situation at work or just anything that Vale can't make better for me," she said later. "Not because it fixes the problem, but just to be in her presence and put my arms around her — she's such a beautiful and darling little miracle."

Hoda acknowledged that having seen their relationship in action, she totally gets it about how a little one can make every day a good day.

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"Every day she is a reminder that God has been so good to me, and to us [Guthrie's husband is Michael Feldman] and we're so blessed," she said. "I'm 44 years old and I get to have this little baby and I didn't know if I'd get my chance."

It was an emotional moment for everyone in the studio, and of course the tissues were readily available.

"She's such a chubby, little delight," said Guthrie. "I'm so proud of her and she truly amazes me every day."

We're pretty amazed too, Savannah!

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