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Savannah Guthrie, Dylan Dreyer both pregnant on TODAY show

Oh baby baby! TODAY's Savannah Guthrie and Dylan Dreyer are pregnant at the same time. Is there something in the water at the TODAY show?
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Is there really something in the water? Or something in the TODAY show coffee, as Carson Daly joked?

Just two days after Savannah Guthrie's pregnancy announcement, Dylan Dreyer announced on-air Friday that she too is expecting a baby, also due in December. Isn't it great having a colleague pregnant at the same time as you? Savannah certainly seems to think so.


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This isn't the first time two TODAY personalities have traveled the pregnancy path together. In 2013, both Jenna Wolfe and Jenna Bush Hager were pregnant at the same time.

Jenna Wolfe acknowledged the shared joy at the time by tweeting a cute photo of the two expecting Jennas.

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Jenna Bush Hager's daughter Mila was born April 13, 2013, and Jenna Wolfe's daughter Harper was born Aug. 21, 2013. Savannah and Dylan's babies will be closer together, with two December birthdays, if all goes as planned.

When your colleagues are pregnant at the same time as you, it's nice to have someone who is just as interested in discussing crib safety and the woes of swollen ankles. But is there really anything to the whole "something in the water" joke?

People really used to believe in the fertility power of water: In the 17th century, women flocked to "take the waters" at spots like Bath and Wellingborough in England, where springs were touted for their ability to help women get pregnant. A 2015 BBC investigation looked at fertility rates in those towns and found no proof of magical, fertility-boosting water — although the report notes that in the 17th century, simply getting out of cities filled with open sewers and into the countryside with access to cleaner water would probably be a general health booster.

Of course, some women have a connection that goes beyond "something in the water." Twin sisters Karen and Kathy Escobar delivered their babies within hours of each other at the same Texas hospital in 2015. Kelli Wall and Kerri Bunker, identical twins, each gave birth to twins of their own within six weeks of each other in 2016 (and it was the second set of twins for both!).

And about that "something in the water" joke? It doesn't always apply to pregnancies. People toss it out when any group of friends or co-workers is experiencing the same life event, no matter how common.

If a bunch of co-workers are planning weddings, or getting divorced, or buying homes, someone's bound to blame it on the poor innocent office water supply. And the boom in bottled-water sales doesn't seem to have affected the cliche one bit; it's just too useful.

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