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Savannah details the 'love affair' between her daughter and Jenna's kids

Savannah's 2-year-old daughter, Vale, made a comment Monday that shows just how much love she has for 3-year-old Mila and 1-year-old Poppy.
/ Source: TODAY

Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager are close. Very close. In fact, they’re next-door neighbors. But as tight as their friendship may be, the bond between their children is even tighter.

Savannah filled us in on the “love affair” between her 2-year-old daughter, Vale, and Jenna’s kids, 3-year-old Mila and 1-year-old Poppy, when she co-hosted the fourth hour of TODAY on Tuesday.

Vale made an adorable comment to her mom the day before that showed just how much love she has for her pals.

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“Vale said, out of the blue, ‘V-A-L-E spells Poppy .... She was thinking about Poppy and Mila, and she goes, ‘V-A-L-E spells Poppy and Mila,’” Savannah shared.

Poor Vale must have been missing her friends! We’re sure that was the case when Savannah had to put her in a timeout. We don’t know the reason, but Mom smoothed things over very quickly.

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“I go in and I try to sit down and say, ‘OK, do you know why you had to have timeout? You’re still a good girl and Momma loves you. Now let’s go do something else,’” Savannah explained.

Let’s not forget Savannah’s new son, Charley, born in December. Momma loves him, too!

And we love all of the TODAY kids!

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