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Sassy mom-of-6 celebrates her freedom in hilarious take on back-to-school photo

As a mom of six, blogger Meghan Oeser is getting real about what she's most excited about when it comes to her kids' going back-to-school.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Meghan Oeser isn't the first mom who has scrolled through the elaborate back-to-school photos on her social media feed and thought to herself, "Who has time for that?"

But, she is the first mom (that we know of, at least) who decided to post her own hilarious take on back-to-school photos, getting real about her talents, her shortcomings and her love of alcohol in a chalkboard photo of her own that celebrates "Mom's first day of freedom."

Blogger Meghan Oeser posted her own take on a back-to-school photo, humorously showcasing her finer qualities and celebrating her first day of freedom.Meghan Oeser/The Ultimate Spoon

Oeser is a mom of six kids, who range in age from 3 to 15. When her kids started school yesterday, Oeser posted her quirky back-to-school photo to her blog, The Ultimate Spoon, with some honest confessions.

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"I love the sh*t out of my kids. I really do, but GOOD GOD…I have SIX!!!" Oeser wrote in the post. "I'm not saying I don't love staying home, but... sometimes I feel I'd give a left nip to be able to head to an office… interact with adult human beings… who typically enjoy other 'adult' conversations."

In the photo that accompanies the candid post, Oeser drinks rum straight from the bottle through a straw, while holding a sign that boasts her parenting "achievements" — from being good at spontaneous napping and tuning her kids out, to needing to work on regaining ambition.

The Oesers with their six children, Jack, 15, Ella, 12, Bailey, 9, Harper, 7, Quinn, 5, and Penny, 3.Melissa Eaheart / Melissa Eaheart

Although the post is meant to be humorous, Oeser turns serious when she asks people to refrain from judging her for celebrating her kids' return to the classroom.

"There is nothing worse that a Judgy McJudgerson mom — I don't get it," Oeser told TODAY Parents. "We're all over here trying to do the same thing — raise our tiny humans to be halfway decent and not complete turds. You do you, and I'll do me"

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"I've gotten scolded by other moms for not breastfeeding, vaccinating, having c-sections, usage of iPads, drinking, swearing, bedtimes, choosing to use essential oils over over-the-counter medicines, puffy car seats, my house and how clean it is — or isn't," Oeser continued. "I could go on and on."

Oeser recently started her blog after a Facebook post she wrote about a wife's letter to her husband before leaving for a girl's weekend went viral. As she navigates the world of blogging, the Illinois mom says she plans to be real about parenting and the challenges that come with it — starting with her happiness about her kids heading back-to-school.

"In the beginning of summer (my kids) are great," said Oeser. "But come August, I drive real slow past the fire department."Meghan Oeser/The Ultimate Spoon

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"I can't tell if the moms that tear up and post sappy goodbyes are full of crap, or their kids are just that amazing," said Oeser. "My kids are turds. They need school... they need structure. And, with how outnumbered I am, I can't give them that. There's not enough coffee — or booze — in the land."