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Why Sarah Jessica Parker would relive her son's birth, if she could

Sarah Jessica Parker, the mom of 3, opens up about how she would gladly relive the day she gave birth to her oldest son.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Some women would like to forget what they went through in the delivery room, but not Sarah Jessica Parker — she’d like to relive it!

“If I could revisit one moment in my life, it would be the birth of my children,” the Divorce star and mom of three told The Edit magazine recently.

The memory is so sweet perhaps because it was so fleeting.

“I only got to give birth once,” Parker, 51, explains. In 2002 she delivered a healthy boy, James Wilkie, but then faced years of infertility.

The actress and her husband, Matthew Broderick, “tried and tried and tried and tried and tried to get pregnant,” she told Vogue in 2010, “but it just was not to be, the conventional way."

“I would give birth as often as I could, if I could.”

After exploring different ways to expand their family, the couple turned to a surrogate from Ohio, where Parker grew up and, in 2009, welcomed twin girls, Marion Loretta and Tabitha Hodge.

The wonderment of birth is still on Parker’s mind.

James, who turned 14 in October, apparently isn’t thrilled that Mom likes to chat about his entrance to the world. On his birthday last year, Parker posted a photo on Instagram of herself and Broderick holding their newborn baby with the sweet caption, “A day I would happily relive. Over and over.”

“James is like, ‘Why do you always want to talk about that?’” says Parker in The Edit. “I’m like, ‘Because it’s the greatest!’

“There is this suspended animation around [birth]: everything goes away; the entire world is sucked up; time suspends. It’s just you and, in my case, my husband, and this child, and it’s absolute euphoria.”

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