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By Matt Murray

We all love the holiday season, but no one seems to enjoy it with the same wonderment as children, taking in the decorations and lights with wide eyes.

Leading up to the holidays, TODAY is kicking off our weeklong "Merry Moments" series, inviting fans on the plaza and at home to take part a holiday theme each day. Who better to get things started than holiday babies?

Take a look at all of the adorable holiday babies below — we dare you to make it all the way through without letting at least one "aww!" slip out.

1. All snug in his bed

My grandson, William, born November 14, 2014! Ho Ho Ho!
My grandson, William, born November 14, 2014! Ho Ho Ho!Lynn Banks Freeman via Facebook

2. Christmas dress

My crazy Ana Kate #orangeroom
My crazy Ana Kate #orangeroomKatherine Townsend via Facebook

3. Frosty the snow baby

Ashley Lagasse via Facebook

4. Plaza baby


5. Baby elf on the shelf

Annabelle, our elf on the shelf.
Annabelle, our elf on the shelf.Liz Braga via Facebook

6. Picking a tree

Jax bringing home the Christmas tree! #orangeroom
Jax bringing home the Christmas tree! #orangeroomKati Welch Wadsworth via Facebook

7. Santa's little helper

3 months old, Bentley's 1st Christmas
3 months old, Bentley's 1st ChristmasMonica Harvey via Facebook

8. Sibling love

Alysha Dotson via Facebook

9. Beach baby

My sweet Spencer #orangeroom
My sweet Spencer #orangeroomKatherine Townsend via Facebook

10. "I'm not a present!"

Michelle Story via Facebook

11. Little snowman

Ansley Waldron McManus via Facebook

12. Little Santa

Brayden's 1st Christmas
Brayden's 1st ChristmasTrish Abrams via Facebook

13. More sibling love

Tracey Russo via Facebook

14. "They're all mine!"

Angela Adams Ward via Facebook

15. Official ornament inspector

James' First Christmas
James' First ChristmasStephanie Boster via Facebook

16. Future L.L. Bean catalog models

#OrangeRoomKelli Davenport Frank via Facebook

17. Santa who?

Kai's first Holiday Season and he's really into it!
Kai's first Holiday Season and he's really into it!Amy M. Rumpel-Walker

18. Holiday nap

Twitter via @brandenburg596

19. "Put me on the tree too!"

Miss Ava Mae Posillico
Miss Ava Mae PosillicoAnne Molloy Posillico via Facebook

20. Oceanside sleigh ride

Charles 16 months
Charles 16 monthsAmparo Mendoza Grant via Facebook

21. "I have the mistletoe. Who wants a kiss?!"

Jaxon's First Christmas
Jaxon's First ChristmasRosellen 'Petrillo' Miller via Facebook

22. "These go on me, not the tree, right?"

Julie O'Grady via Facebook

23. Baby stocking stuffer

#orangeroom #cutecajunbaby
#orangeroom #cutecajunbabyKim Newby via Facebook

24. "A Christmas Story"

China Christian Breen via Facebook

25. Christmas camouflage

Emily Hill via Facebook

26. A baby's best friend

@JuliePowers4 via Twitter

27. And now for the classic holiday staple: meeting Santa

My daughter Grace 4 years old. #orangeroom
My daughter Grace 4 years old. #orangeroomKelly Wilmoth
Ashley Magnini Caputa via Facebook
Kari Giese Mendoza via Facebook

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Show us your "Merry Moments" every day this week on Facebook and Twitter using #TODAYHolidays!

This article was originally published Dec. 15, 2014 at 11:58 a.m. ET.