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Sandra Bullock's daughter, Laila, makes rare appearance in Mother's Day interview

What a sweet Mother's Day surprise!
/ Source: TODAY

Right after Sandra Bullock surprised some front line workers during a special Mother's Day edition of Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch, she gave viewers at home another sweet surprise: a rare appearance from her 8-year-old daughter, Laila.

The famous mother of two has preferred to keep her kids' private lives private. That means in the media, glimpses of her kids are few and far between, making Laila's cameo all the more exciting!

"Hi ladies," her daughter said. Speaking to one of the frontline heroes, she added, "Thank you, April for doing everything for everyone." (Jump to minute 8 to watch.)

The 55-year-old actress then said of her daughter, "She is our world superhero. She is going to be the one to save the world in our family."

In 2015, the Oscar-winning actress adopted then 3-year-old Laila, who had been in foster care in Louisiana.

Sandra Bullock and her daughter, Laila, on Facebook Watch's Red Table Talk.
Sandra Bullock and her daughter, Laila, on Facebook Watch's Red Table Talk.Facebook Watch / Facebook

"When I look at Laila, there's no doubt in my mind that she was supposed to be here," Bullock, who in 2010 adopted son Louis, said at the time. "I can tell you absolutely, the exact right children came to me at the exact right time."

In 2018, during an emotional interview with TODAY's Hoda Kotb, Bullock opened up about how having kids changed her life and how her decision to create a family via adoption has changed other lives, too.

When asked about her priorities in life, she didn't even pause to think about it.

"It's my kids," she said. "Everything is about them being ok, being in school, having what they need, their moments. I need to be there for every single moment that they have. It's harder for me to leave them than I think it is for them when I leave. I don't leave that much, and I don't work that much anymore either. ... So my priorities are my kids, my kids, my kids. My family. My family. That's it."

Bullock hopes her decision to adopt inspires others to know that "there's no end game," and there's always a reason to keep an open heart.

"There are hundreds of thousands of children that are ready to be your child," she said through tears. "You're a forever parent the minute you accept the love of that child. And it's amazing to me how we can take away people's happiness by telling them that this is the box that you have to stay in. There is no box."