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Sad Papaw throws the happiest cookout in Oklahoma: See the highlights!

Papaw's open cookout was held in Purcell, Oklahoma on Saturday.
/ Source: TODAY

You remember Sad Papaw, whose failed attempt at a family dinner broke our collective hearts earlier this month.

Well, after a happy reunion with the grandkids last weekend, Papaw dusted off his spatula for another round — and this time, everyone was invited! Papaw’s open cookout was held in Purcell, Oklahoma on Saturday, and luckily, the crowd was on its social media game.

Everyone wanted a piece of Papaw, even if that meant waiting in crazy lines…

Between his grandchildren’s praise and his hospitality in hosting the event, we were pretty sold by this point on Papaw the person. But a question remained: How were the burgers?

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Evidently, delicious.

These look like happy people.

There was plenty of time for photo ops with Papaw's starstruck fans.

And even a dance break or two.

Attendees bought swag to commemorate the occasion.

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All in all, it seems like this burger bonanza was worth the wait! For more, check out the #sadpapaw and #sadpapawcookout hashtags on Instagram.

Wonder if he delivers?