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Papaw gets his dinner! 'Sad' grandpa finally gets sitdown with ALL his grandkids

Hold your fire! As it turns out, the whole thing was just a misunderstanding.
/ Source: TODAY

After "sad Papaw" — also known as 66-year-old Kenny Harmon of Henryetta, Oklahoma — got stood up by his grandkids for burger night last week, pretty much everyone with a Internet connection wanted to give his neglectful family a piece of their mind.

As it turns out, the whole thing was just a misunderstanding — and Kenny is totally cool with it. brought Harmon and all six grandkids together for a meal in their hometown — they dined on chicken and meatloaf, since burgers might still be a touchy subject — and gave the Harmons a chance to set the record straight.

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"I wasn’t like the picture showed. I have a solemn look sometimes, people say I don’t smile enough, but it’s my personality," Kenny said of the now famous photo, snapped by granddaughter Kelsey, showing him sitting alone and staring dejectedly at a burger.

"It was supposed to be a joke for my cousins, like, 'Where you at?'" Kelsey, 19, told the Mail. "But it got out of hand."

Kelsey's older brother, Kaleb, arrived shortly after the photo was posted. They other four said they never got a heads up about the dinner.

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"My son Ryan just plain forgot," Kenny told the Mail. "I called him to ask whether he and his kids would be coming over, but he was busy at work and forgot to tell them. These things happen, so I wasn’t too sad."

So don't you worry — all is well for Papaw and company!

And it sounds like the grandkids are the ones who missed out ... on one heck of a burger.

"It's a very good burger," Kenny said. "A lot of people may think it's easy to cook a good burger, but it's really not. There's a technique to it. Especially with charcoal.

"I've used the same seasoning for years and years ... and I like to brown the buns."

Oklahomans can get their own taste of Papaw's burgers at a cookout the family plans to host on March 26.

Despite the drama, the Harmons are glad to have reminded others to cherish their loved ones.

"I’ve gotten so many messages, telling me that my post made them call their grandparents, or go see them," Kelsey said. "I think that’s the biggest thing that we need to take out of this."