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Ryan Reynolds reveals fatherhood 'strong suit': 'I always do the dirty work'

Ryan Reynolds not only takes over the tough (and messy) chores that come attached to having a baby ... but he also likes them!
/ Source: TODAY

We have a new candidate for Celebrity Dad of the Year in Ryan Reynolds. Not only will he take over the tough (and messy) chores that come attached to having a baby... but he also likes them!

"[My] strong suit, I would say, is I always do the dirty work," the "Deadpool" star told TODAY Wednesday about how he handles sweet baby James, who is a little over a year old. (Mom, in case you don't know, is Blake Lively.)

"I'm happy to do the dirty work," he added. "So does [Blake], but I love getting up in the middle of the night. I'm fine with that!"

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Ryan Reynolds with wife Blake Lively at the New York City premiere of "Deadpool."BRENDAN MCDERMID / Reuters

That dovetails with comments he made this week to People about his little "Shrimpie," as he calls James. "Having a daughter was a dream come true," he told the magazine.

He's totally sold on daddyhood: "I don't have to prepare to be wrapped around my daughter's finger," he said in the new issue. "I have been wrapped around her little finger since the day she plopped out into this world."

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That said, he also knows his value to her right now: While James sat up and took notice when Reynolds' Super Bowl 50 ad for Hyundai aired on Sunday (in which he played all 12 roles), he was practical about the attention.

"She totally recognized me," he told TODAY. "There was like 12 of me. Which is just like to her, just like 24 useless boobs. She was so not impressed."

Fortunately, we recognize Reynolds for all his amazing assets. Be sure to watch the video and catch him singing some great 1980s and 90s tunes!

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