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Ryan Lochte teaches 2-month-old son Olympic-worthy swim moves in new Instagram video

/ Source: TODAY

Look ... we don't want to manufacture a rivalry between the children of Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. They're babies, after all! Beautiful, sweet, pure, innocent babies. It's just that their dads are making it so easy for us.

Lochte, 33, recently posted a video of himself teaching 2-month-old Caiden some moves.

"Have to start him early haha, and he's loving it," Lochte captioned the video, mentioning his sponsor, TYR, and tagging the photo #2036olympics.

They go over freestyle, breaststroke and butterfly. So it looks like there's not an event that little Caiden isn't planning to dominate.

But the littlest Phelps isn't going to take that lying down, after being spotted "working on (his) butterfly" in April ...

... and swimsuit-ing up for multiple dips in recent months.

(Michael Phelps, 32, is the mastermind behind 1-year-old Boomer's popular Instagram account.)

This past January, Lochte shared with TODAY Parents some lessons he learned from his own father. "My dad ... said that no matter what you do — dentist, doctor, or professional swimmer — you do it 110 percent, you go all in. You never want to say, 'What if?'" Lochte explained.

So we hope Caiden is ready to rise to the challenge ... and Boomer, too, if he so chooses!