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Ryan Lochte's 95-year-old grandma is best fan ever with homemade Olympic torch

/ Source: TODAY

Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte already has three bronze, three silver and five gold medals to his name — and he's hoping to add to that tally in Rio this week.

But in case winning for Team USA and personal glory weren't inspiration enough, his grandma just gave him a perfect added incentive to really go for the gold!

On Monday night, Lochte shared a video of his 95-year-old grandmother carrying the Olympic torch and leading a procession around her nursing home from her wheelchair.

"Representing #USA," Lochte cheered.

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Maybe it's the applause that can be heard rising in the background, or the fact that the always-uplifting "Chariots of Fire" theme is playing as she makes her lap, or perhaps it's that her torch appears to be crafted from an upcycled paper towel tube with added paper flames, but this sweet clip might just be our favorite Olympic (-related) moment so far.

Go, grandma!

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