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People can't get over Russell Brand's comments about fatherhood

The 43-year-old has never looked after his kids on his own for a day.
/ Source: TODAY

Since British comedian, actor, author and dad Russell Brand copped to the fact that he leaves changing diapers and feeding his two kids — Mabel, 2, and Peggy, 6 months — to their mom, his wife Laura Gallacher, the internet has come out swinging.

No wonder. When asked by the Sunday Times Magazine if he has spent 24 hours in sole charge of his children, Brand, 43, said: "No. She wouldn't go away for 24 hours, Laura,” he said. “She respects and cares for their safety too much.”

Brand added, “Um, I’ve done like, a night. But they’re asleep then.”

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - May 15, 2017
Laura Gallacher and Russell Brand, here in 2017, have two kids together, Mabel and Peggy. Alo Ceballos / GC Images

Brand and Gallacher, a lifestyle blogger, tied the knot in 2017.

Known for the rom-com “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and his 21-month marriage to pop star Katy Perry, Brand shared his parental concerns and contributions.

"Yes, I'm very, very focused on the mystical connotations of Mabel's beauty and grace,” he said. “Not so good on the nappies and making sure that they eat food.”

Rattled readers dumped on the Brand-wagon, alternately slamming him or making him a punchline.

At the digital publication Fatherly, parenting editor Patrick Coleman described Brand’s take on modern paternity as “very traditional, very 1950’s-style. There are still couples who do that. It makes me a little sad because he’s missing out on some wonderful times for bonding.”

Even a smelly, poopy diaper has a silver lining, Coleman told TODAY Parents. “Parenting takes grit, and that’s one thing can instill it.”

Josh Bellish, president of the National At-Home Dad Network, shared advice for Brand: “Roll up your sleeves and get in there. None of us know what we’re doing but we, like our children, learn and grow along the way,” he told TODAY. “Get out of your comfort zone. The payback is huge and the process is humbling.”

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