Round 3 of TODAY's Ultimate Toy Bracket: Vote to help us find the best toy ever!

Our #BestSummerEver began two weeks ago with — what else? — toys!

Parents, we collected your nominations and picked your 16 most revered gizmos and gadgets. Then, we pitted the toys against one another and asked you to vote to kick off the bracket race.

Now, we're in the third tier of voting and we're ready to see who will go head to head in the final round. Make your voice heard below — and return next week to see who's still standing!

Only one toy can be crowned the absolute "best." Which will it be?

(Click through the quotes and titles to read the full reviews!)

American Plastic Toys, Shutterst
Play Kitchen, Ball

Play kitchen vs. Ball

TODAY viewers told us that play kitchens allow kids to "immerse themselves in make-believe." Others thought we should all "catch the fun that simple balls are throwing your family’s way."

Shutterstock, Lego
Baby Doll, Legos

Baby doll vs. Legos

Many of you think that baby dolls are the absolute best toy because "kids love to pretend that they’re just like Mommy and Daddy." Others say that Legos "have helped connect generations."