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Rory Feek pens sweet tribute to daughter Indiana, 2: 'God doesn't make mistakes'

The country star took to his blog to express his love for his little girl, who was born with Down syndrome in 2014.
/ Source: TODAY

Rory Feek has shared a heartwarming tribute to his 2-year-old daughter, Indiana.

The country star took to his personal blog to express his love for his little girl, who was born with Down syndrome in 2014, and to share a video of tender moments between Indy and her late mother, Joey Feek, Rory's wife and musical partner in the country act Joey + Rory.

"God doesn't make mistakes," 51-year-old Rory wrote, recalling how loved ones told the couple they were sorry to hear about Indy's diagnosis.

"That’s such a strange response to the birth of a child. Maybe they were just sensing the confusion in my voice or more likely, they didn’t know what to say," Rory reasoned. "It’s what society has told them — told all of us … awe, you didn’t get a regular baby … you got something less …That’s the messaging that is out there."

"But it’s wrong. At least I think it is. And I know Joey did too," wrote Rory.

Rory Feek's tribute to his daughter, Indiana, who was born with Down syndrome
Joey + Rory / YouTube

Indy is a "gift," as are all children with Down syndrome, who "come in all shapes and sizes," wrote Rory. "Some learn faster, some slower. Some are silent and some vocal. Some crawl and walk earlier than others and some, like Indy … take their time. But they are all beautiful. All gifts from heaven above."

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Little Indy, Rory shared, has kept him going since Joey's death this past March following a battle with cervical cancer.

"She is the smile on the face of father who should be crying. She is the joy in the life of a family that should be filled with sadness,” he wrote.

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Indy's role in the family became clear to Rory as he edited footage for the upcoming documentary, "To Joey, With Love."

"When she was born, Joey and I said, ‘this is the child God wants us to have,' and we believed it," he wrote. "And we were right."

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"I cannot imagine Joey not having those two years to be a mama to Indiana and get to experience the love and happiness that Indy brought to her," he wrote.

"God knew that. He made it so," wrote Rory. "It was His gift to her. Like Indy is my gift now."