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Rory Feek gives daughter Indy the gift of music a year after Joey's death

"What do you get a child for their birthday who has everything? Everything that is... except a mama," the country singer-songwriter wrote.
/ Source: TODAY

One year after the death of Joey Feek, her husband Rory took to the family blog to celebrate life.

Their daughter, Indiana, turned 3 — and it was a grand event.

Rory Feek and his daughter, Indy, celebrate her birthday.Courtesy of

"What do you get a child for their birthday who has everything? Everything that is... except a mama," the country singer-songwriter wrote. "I got her a piano."

Indy gets the gift of music.Courtesy of

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It was a fitting gift for a little girl with such a big musical pedigree, but it was hardly her only gift.

It was a day full of fun for the youngest member of the Feek family.Courtesy of

"Indy had more presents to open than any three-year-old could ever imagine," he explained. "They came from all over — gifts in the mail from strangers — and packages left at the front gate... All for a little girl that none of them know, but feel like she's a part of their family."

Indy makes a wish as she turns 3.Courtesy of

But the piano was certainly the most special of all her presents — because it wasn't just something her father wanted her to have. It was her mother's wish, too.

Joey Martin Feek, left, and Rory Lee Feek, of the country music duo Joey + Rory, on Thursday April 23, 2009, in Los Angeles. AP file

"First off, Joey and I want Indy to grow up loving music and learning to play an instrument," he explained. "Who knows, maybe someday write her own songs on this piano, or at least have fun trying to learn to play it."

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Joey died March 4th of last year and with her went much of the music that used to fill their home.

"Another reason (for the piano) is because with all that's happened in our lives, there hasn't been any new music in the house for a long time, and having a piano sitting in the middle of the living room might encourage there to be some," Rory wrote.

It's already encouraged musical moments — like their daddy-daughter birthday dance.

Rory Feek and daughter Indy share a sweet dance on her big day.Courtesy of

"Every evening before bedtime, Indy sits beside me and we 'play' together," Rory added. "I play chords down low and Indy pushes on the high keys while I tell her what notes they are. She smiles and giggles. It's precious. I can play piano a little bit (a few chords, etc) but not much. Maybe that old piano will help me in some way too."

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