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Rod Stewart's sex talk with his teenage son didn't go according to plan

The singer didn't realize that kids aren't forever young.
/ Source: TODAY

“Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” singer Rod Stewart waited a little too long to have the talk with his son Alastair.

“My 15-year-old is dating girls, so I had to give him a sex lesson. I just told him what he should and shouldn’t do, but he’s on top of it,” Stewart revealed in an interview with People. “He was like, ‘Dad. I’ve got the internet. I know everything.’”

Stewart, 76, shares Alastair and Aiden, 10, with his wife, model Penny Lancaster. He is also father to Sean, 41, Kimberly, 42, Ruby, 34, Renee, 29, and Liam, 27, from previous relationships. As a teen, Stewart placed his daughter Sarah Streeter, now 58, for adoption, but the two have since reconnected.

Rod Stewart posed with wife Penny Lancaster and his children, Kimberley Stewart, Sean Stewart, Liam Stewart, Ruby Stewart and Renee Stewart, in 2003.KMazur / WireImage

“I have to be several different fathers because of the different age groups my kids,” Stewart explained. “You really have to treat all of them as individuals with individual problems.”’

The British rock legend added that several of his children “went through their bad period of drinking too much and dabbling in drugs.” Sean appeared on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab” in 2008, while Sarah has opened up publicly about her past struggle with substance abuse.

“But they all came out on the other side,” Stewart said. “As a dad, I’ve learned to listen and not my blow my top.”

Though Alistair is all set when it comes to the birds and the bees, he still can learn a few things from his dad about healthy relationships. Stewart and Lancaster, 50, celebrated their 14-year wedding anniversary in June. The key to their successful marriage is intimacy, Stewart told People.

“I’m not talking about sex, but a kiss and a cuddle and a hold,” he noted. “Penny and I do that every morning. We hug each other — sometimes in bed, sometimes out of bed, all throughout the day. It’s a wonderful relationship. Lucky geezer, aren’t I?”