Rice-ball babies? You have to see this adorable Japanese trend to believe it

/ Source: TODAY

Kawaii! Never has that Japanese exclamation of cuteness been more accurate than with our new favorite photo trend: rice-ball babies.

Rice ball baby@eharamasahiro/Twitter, Shutters

In Japan, where onigiri rice balls are a shaped-by-hand staple, parents have taken to squishing their babies faces to look the like the moldable starchy treat.

And the results are just amazing:

According to Buzzfeed, Japanese comedian Masahiro Ehara started it all with pictures of his own kids.

Since then, parents have taken to Twitter and Instagram to share their own pics along with the hashtag #赤ちゃんおにぎり. (Translation: "baby rice ball.")

And it's not just for babies anymore! Grownups are getting into the squishy action, too.

Even some dogs have found themselves the subject of the trend.

If you're planning to make your own adorable rice-ball baby, remember, no squeezing! A gentle squish is all it takes.

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