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This restaurant owner gives a discount to parents with polite kids

Children are "more than welcome" at the restaurant ... especially polite children.
/ Source: TODAY

Good food is a tradition for Antonio Ferrari, and it shines through at his wine bar and restaurant in Padua, Italy.

While he doesn’t need many tips when it comes to the food he serves, he was very interested in a practice that he picked up while visiting Miami with some friends who had children.

While dining in a restaurant there, his group noticed an unexpected discount had been applied to their check. They quickly realized they got the discount because of how well their children had behaved. Ferrari thought it was such a good idea that he decided to bring it back to Italy with him.

Recently he posted a photograph of a receipt from his restaurant on which a similar discount was applied, with the caption (roughly translated into English here), “It happens so seldom!”

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The restaurant's doors are always open for little ones, he says.

“Kids are more than welcome,” Ferrari told TODAY via email.

However, he also noted that “it is preferable if they [parents] choose the restaurant that is most adequate for the kids.”

Another fun tidbit that he dropped was that he doesn’t inform the parents of the discount beforehand. So far, his message seems to be coming across quite clearly.

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When asked if he thinks other restaurants should adopt this same practice, he said, “Sure! It would be nice, right?”