Reese Witherspoon is Snapchatting her kids and it's hilarious

The Oscar winner's Instagram shows her funny attempts at communicating with her children.
/ Source: TODAY

Reese Witherspoon may be a glamorous Hollywood star, but when it comes to parenting, she faces the same dilemmas all moms do — including figuring out how to speak her children's language.

The 43-year-old Oscar winner took to Instagram on Friday with a hilarious photo of herself showing she's not above using goofy Snapchat effects to communicate with her kids.

The "Big Little Lies" star's photo finds her adorned with pink pom-pom bunny ears and a tiny black bunny nose.

"Are you really doing homework? Or are you playing Fortnite?" she wrote across the image, which she presumably sent to one of her three kids — lookalike daughter Ava, 19, or more likely, sons, Deacon, 15, and Tennessee, 6.

The actress captioned the photo, "How to talk to your kids on Snapchat. What even is #fortnite?? #momlife"

Fortnite, of course, is the The "Hunger Games"-style, multi-player online gaming phenomenon that has captured the minds and hearts of about 3.5 million teen and tween players nationwide.

The popular game even inspired a 2018 dance craze among its young fans — "flossing," in which kids swing their arms from the back to the front of their bodies repeatedly on each side.

But before dance-happy Witherspoon tries to master that move, she should know the hippest new viral dance craze this year is "The Triangle" — a spin on flossing that requires three participants.

Who knows? Maybe Reese and two of her kids can give The Triangle a whirl!