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Reese Witherspoon's selfie with son has fans saying he's a 'perfect mix' of mom and dad

She's having another twinning moment with her kids!
/ Source: TODAY

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for Reese Witherspoon and her kids!

We all know that the “Big Little Lies” alum and her 21-year-old daughter, Ava, are practically twins, but fans have pointed out that the actor’s second child, Deacon, might give his sister a run for her money.

Witherspoon, 45, shared a selfie with her 17-year-old son on Instagram on Saturday as they posed in front of the sunset.

“Not enough words to say how much I love this guy 💞,” she wrote in the caption. “The way he looks at the world inspires me everyday @deaconphillippe.”

Fans in the comments were quick to point out the similarities between not only Deacon and Witherspoon, but also between him and his father, Ryan Phillippe.

Reese Witherspoon and ex Ryan Phillippe have two kids together.
Reese Witherspoon and ex Ryan Phillippe have two kids together.

"He’s such a perfect blend of u both❤️,” one fan wrote.

“Wow 😳 genetics is strong! He is the perfect mix of you and Ryan. Insane," another added.

“You really said copy paste,” one fan joked.

“He looks just like Ryan he’s so handsome🙏🏼❤️Perfect mix of Mom & Dad," some else commented.

Deacon may look a lot like his parents, but he's already starting to forge his own path. In July, he released his debut single “Long Run” and earned immediate praise from his mom, who declared it the “song of the summer.”

"So proud of my son @deaconphillippe... his first single with the incredibly talented @ninanesbitt is out now!" Witherspoon wrote on Instagram. "It’s the perfect summer bop with a sick beat and dope drops (is that what the kids say ?!) check it out!"

The mother of three took it one step further after the song officially debuted when she decided that the song was missing one key element: its own TikTok dance.

Witherspoon fixed that, sharing a video to her Instagram on July 11 of her sitting alongside her son while they listened to his song. In the clip, she abruptly stopped her son, slapping her hand on his shoulder as a lightbulb animation appeared above her head.

“Deacon! I should make up a TikTok dance for this song,” she declared while Deacon shook his head and told her no, to which she replied, “Yes!”

Witherspoon whipped out a few moves, giving a small sample of what her take on a viral TikTok dance for the song would be.

She fittingly captioned the video, “When your kid has his first single... you gotta dance! 🎶”