The 9 weirdest rules ever set by parents

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Reddit Trends: Ridiculously Strict Parenting Rules

Growing up we all had rules to follow. No dessert without finishing your veggies, no going out until your room is clean, no riding the dog around like it's a horse and you're a cowboy maintaining order in an unruly western prospecting town—the usual stuff. But every now and then Mom or Dad would throw out a rule that would make you take off your cowboy hat, scratch your head and wonder "...what?"

Now we don't want to throw anyone under the bus, because raising a kid is no easy task. Still, these rules just don't seem to make a lot of sense. Here are some great examples of parents overdoing it with 11 of the strangest rules ever encountered, according to Reddit.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise...

They were 15, near 16. Be in bed by 7:30PM.


May I please have the hall pass? 

My sister and I had to ask permission to use the restroom in our own house up until age 14. 


Parents Just Don't Understand

When I was a teenager, I knew a guy (as a friend of a friend) who, despite being a teenager, had parents so protective of him that he was only allowed to go to parties if they could come with him.


...Is his first name Tiger? 

When I was younger, I played baseball with a boy who was never allowed to watch anything besides ESPN. He didn't know who spongebob was.


 They (don't) got the blues

They weren't allowed to eat/drink anything blue because it was "unnatural"


The Curry Nazi

My dad had a ridiculous one. No curry allowed in the house, ever. Not a takeaway or anything. And NO WAY were we allowed to cook a curry in the house! It was made very clear to us as children and adults that there would be severe consequences if we broke the rule. He wasn't allergic or anything. Just didn't like curry.


Are You Afraid of the Dark?

"You're not allowed out after dark" This was enforced all through high school, even by grade 12. .. this time of year it's dark by 5-6pm. And this included after-school activities, a 6pm movie with friends, and prom. PROM


Looking at you, Phelps.

My in-laws didn't let their kids watch the Olympics because some of the uniforms were too skimpy.


Color us shocked:

My favorites from my own adolescence:

1.) No two articles of black clothing may be worn in the same outfit. This would constitute being "goth."

2.) Black or red underwear or bras are expressly forbidden. Only girls who expect to show them off wear black or red underwear.

3.) No red nailpolish. The Queen of England says only whores wear red nailpolish.

4.) No black nailpolish. Also considered goth.

5.) No blue nailpolish. If I were to get into a car accident, the paramedics might think I was dead because my fingernails were blue. 


Have some strict rules of your own? Share below!

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