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Red Mom, Blue Mom: Can Republicans and Democrats really be friends?

Can parenthood trump politics? Rachel Campos-Duffy and Cathy Areu are best friends who happen to disagree on everything political.
/ Source: TODAY

During such a bitter, divisive election, it's hard to believe that Republicans and Democrats could swap parenting advice. But for Rachel Campos-Duffy and Cathy Areu, that's the norm: the two moms are best friends, despite having opposing political views.

Areu is a liberal author and news analyst, while Campos-Duffy is a spokesperson for the Libre Initiative, a right-leaning nonprofit. Nonetheless, Areu said Campos-Duffy was the first mom she called when she found out she was pregnant. "I follow all of your advice — except political," Areu told her friend.

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"We're both Latina, we're both moms, and we have so much more in common than our politics," Campos-Duffy explained. TODAY Parents sat down for a chat with both women to find out how they make their friendship work, even as the rest of the country seems unable to find common ground.