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Ready to rock! Baby makes heavy metal 'horns' in ultrasound pic

Some kids are just a little more badass than others.
/ Source: TODAY

Makelle Throckmorton Ahlin hasn't even had her latest baby yet, but she already knows the little gal (or guy) is going to be a handful.

How? Because thanks to an ultrasound image, we can see the kid already knows how to give the rock 'n' roll "horns" sign with his (or her) wee hand.

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Ahlin, who lives in Santaquin, Utah, with her husband Jared and two children, posted the picture Feb. 23 after having her ultrasound, and it quickly went viral.

"We never thought in million years that it would ever leave our own little social media channels, let alone get outside of Utah," she told TODAY. "We love that people have enjoyed the picture as much as we do, and that we are able to help add a little bit of happiness to someone's day ... or maybe I should say a little bit of rock n' roll."

But this baby-to-be, due in June, is in good company thanks to other fun ultrasound pictures in which the fetuses seem to be signaling their parents.

Like this one, dubbed "Fonzie" for his thumbs-up!

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When we posted that last picture in 2014, TODAY Facebook fans sent in a slew of their own amusing in-utero expressionists. Want to see more? Just check them out here!

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