Princess Chewbacca? 3-year-old celebrates birthday with amazing 'Star Wars' cake

/ Source: TODAY

Princess cake or "Star Wars" cake? That's a tough choice for a sci-fi-loving girl who also has a taste for all things frilly.

But 3-year-old Sophie didn't have to make that choice, thanks to her mom's commitment to make her sweet dreams come true.

Behold Princess Chewbacca:

Yes, even after several bakers turned her away due to the bulky size and shape of the action figure, Sophie's mom (who goes by jamieinthenorthwest on Reddit) didn't stop until she found someone willing to transform the Wookiee into one doll of a cake.

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"My amazing friend, Megan, came to the rescue and offered to make Chewy a beautiful cake dress," the mom wrote on Imgur. "She nailed it!"

We have to agree.

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But Megan and her mom weren't the only creative ones. Sophie's grandma made the tyke her very own "Star Wars" print dress for the occasion.

That's one lucky little girl!

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