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Shay Mitchell's boyfriend doesn't like epidurals, but won't be giving birth so

Women everywhere are gently suggesting Babel slow his roll.
/ Source: TODAY

Shay Mitchell has been documenting her pregnancy journey on YouTube — and some people are finding the latest installment painful to watch.

In the video, Mitchell, 33, says she wants an epidural, but her boyfriend Matte Babel, 38, doesn't think it's necessary.

“Am I partial to no epidural? Yes,” he says. “Why? Because I’m a hypochondriac. I’m afraid of drugs. My mom didn’t use an epidural …. I meet women all the time who didn’t choose to use epidurals.”

Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel are expecting a baby girl.
Shay Mitchell and Matte Babel are expecting a baby girl.YouTube

When the "Pretty Little Liars" actress asks Babel if he would agree to a root canal without drugs, he shuts down the question.

“A root canal is not comparable because you’re not born to go through a root canal,” Babel explains. “As a woman, your body is genetically engineered to give birth.”

The couple, who are due to welcome a baby girl early next month, also discuss breastfeeding.

“Some women don’t want to,” Mitchell notes.

Babel thinks that is unacceptable.

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“I’m against that and I’m sure there’s a lot of women who are against it too,” he replies. “I’m just thinking if you have the innate ability to breastfeed and the kid latches why would you not want the best for your baby?”

Later, Babel says he will be understanding if Mitchell is unable to nurse their daughter. "If you can't do it, of course, that's rough," he says. "I get it."

It should come as no surprise that Mitchell’s Instagram feed was flooded with comments.

“Men will never know what child birth feels like so pretty please don’t tell your girl/wife what she’s “engineered” to do. That is 100% her choice because she is the only one in that bed being ripped apart,” wrote one person.

Added another, “Girl it’s your body your choice. You’re the one having the baby and lil man has gotta support that.”