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Pregnant Shawn Johnson shares fun video of her paint-filled gender reveal party

Boy or girl? The Olympian and husband Andrew East found out by letting friends and family splatter them with paint.
/ Source: TODAY

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East held hands as their friends and family splattered them with colored paint at their gender reveal party, letting the couple know whether their second child is a boy or a girl.

The Olympic gold medalist and her football player husband wore white and flinched as their loved ones shot blue paint all over their outfits to indicate they're having a son!

East said the moment felt like he was living "in slow motion." Johnson said she first saw the blue paint hit her husband's shirt.

When the news sank in, the couple embraced and jumped up and down. East pumped his fist in the air. The sweet moment starts at the 9:42-minute mark in their YouTube video.

In the background, the proud parents had clear blocks filled with pink and blue balloons to spell "Baby," as well as a giant bouquet of white balloons arranged to spell their last name, East.

The couple, who announced in January they are expecting this summer, are also parents to daughter Drew, 16 months. East seemed thrilled to have a son on the way.

"What up my dude?" he said, talking to his wife's baby bump.

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Johnson, 29, said she was surprised she was having a boy.

"I was so shocked because in the back of my head I kept saying a boy because everything was different, but I truly thought we were going to have a girl. I even had dreams we were going to have three girls and have a girl family," she said after the gender reveal.

East said he would have been happy no matter what, but added that he is excited to find out what it's like to raise both a daughter and a son.

"We were either going to have a boy this time around or keep having kids until we had a boy," he said. Johnson joked: "Thirty girls down the road!"

Boy or girl, though, the couple said they are thrilled to welcome the next member to their growing family.

"We really wanted to experience both, but again, we would've been happy no matter what," Johnson said.

The gymnast is also feeling much better after she announced in February she tested positive for COVID-19.

“I do still consider myself a very lucky one,” she said in a video in her Instagram story at the time. “I think I have it pretty mild.”